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"O" for three in Baltimore, where a judge acquitted the officer driving the police van of killing Freddy Gray with a supposedly "rough ride." This follows a like verdict for a second officer, and a hung jury for a third. With a murder rate that's second-highest in the U.S., the forlorn city faces a grim future.

In the wake of Orlando, Hillary Clinton calls for reinstating the Federal assault weapons ban. Would that help? See our new post, "A Ban in Name Only." Also check out Jay's interview by Boston public radio, his December 2015 op-ed in the Washington Post and our Gun Control posts, including "Disturbed Person + Assault Rifle" and "Don't Blame the NRA."

Recent posts

"A Ban in Name Only": Pretending to regulate only makes things worse (#272, 6/21/16)

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"Orange is the New Brown": L.A.'s past sheriff and undersheriff pack their bags for Hotel Fed. (#269, 5/7/16)

"Role Reversal": Chicago's falling apart. Who can make the violence stop? (#268, 4/25/16)

"Is a Case Ever too Cold?": Citing factual errors, an Illinois prosecutor successfully moves to free a convicted killer (#267, 4/16/16)

"After the Fact": Ordinary policing strategies can't prevent terrorism (#266, 3/31/16)

"More Rules, Less Force?": PERF promotes written guidelines to reduce the use of force. Cops aren't happy (#265, 3/18/16)

"By Hook or by Crook (Part II)": Smart enforcement could "make communities safer" even if new laws are out of reach (#264, 3/4/16)

"A Dead Man's Tales": Apple extends posthumous protections to a dead terrorist's cell phone (#263, 2/21/16)

"Working Scared": Fearful, poorly supervised cops are tragedies waiting to happen (#262, 2/16/16)

"By Hook or by Crook (Part I)": In a last-ditch effort to stem gun volence, a frustrated Prez turns to executive action (#261, 2/7/16)

"Deescalation: Cure, Buzzword or a Bit of Both?": As bad shootings dominate the headlines, cops and politicians scramble for answers (#260, 1/13/16)

"State of the Art...Not!": Forensics, six years after the NAS report (#259, 12/21/15)

"Does Race Matter? (Part II)": The Philadelphia story, and its implications for urban policing (#258, 12/14/15)

"Does Race Matter ? (Part I)": Police killings of black persons roil the nation (#257, 12/2/15)

"Sometimes There is no Second Chance": Preventing horrific terrorist attacks may require new legal rules (#256, 11/23/15)

"More Criminals (on the Street), Less Crime?": Debating the virtues of a less punitive agenda (#255, 11/10/15)

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