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NEW "Sanctuary Cities, Sanctuary States (Part II)" Should states legalize recreational pot? (#298, 9/5/17)

"Sanctuary Cities, Sanctuary States (Part I)" What happens when communities turn their backs on immigration enforcement? (#297, 8/23/17)

"Three (In?)explicable Shootings": Grievous police blunders keep costing citizen lives. Why? (#296, 8/1/17)

"Silence Isn't Always Golden": A proposal to deregulate firearms silencers ignores the hazards of policing (#295, 7/14/17)

"A Lost Cause": Legislators are ambushed. And a gun-numbed land shrugs and moves on. (#294, 6/24/17)

"Are Civilians Too Easy on the Police?": When attempts are made to sanction cops, citizens often get in the way (#293, 6/3/17)

"Ideology Trumps Reason": Clashing belief systems challenge criminal justice policymaking (#292, 5/16/17)

"People do Forensics": Conflicts about oversight neglect a fundamental issue (#291, 4/30/17)

"Why Do Cops Succeed?": Shifting resources from finding fault to studying success (#290, 4/13/17)

"Guilty Until Proven Innocent": Pressures to solve notorious crimes can lead to tragic miscarriages of justice (#289, 3/19/17)

"Is Crime Up or Down? Well, it Depends": It depends on where one sits, when we compare, and on who counts (#288, 2/27/17)

"An Illusory Consensus (Part II)": Good intentions don't always translate into good policy (#287, 2/10/17)

"An Illusory Consensus": America's police leaders agree on the use of force. Or do they? (#286, 1/29/17)

"Do Gun Laws Work?": Are they doing any good? We crunch the numbers to find out (#285, 1/11/17)

"Is Trump Right About the Nation's Inner Cities?": America's low-income communities desperately need a New Deal (#284, 12/17/16)

"A Stitch in Time": Could early intervention save officer and citizen lives? (#283, 11/26/16)

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished": To avoid anointing Trump, the FBI Director falls into a trap of his own making (#282, 11/2/16)

"A Matter of Life and Death": In an era of highly lethal firearms, keeping patrol informed is job #1 (#281, 10/20/16)

"Is it Always About Race?": Unruly citizens and streets brimming with guns make risk-tolerance a very hard sell (#280, 10/5/16)

"Words Matter": In a conflicted, gun-saturated land, heated rhetoric threatens cops’ effectiveness – and their lives (#279, 9/17/16)

"Where Should Cops Live?": Officer-citizen conflicts stir renewed interest in residency requirements (#278, 9/2/16)

"Getting Out of Dodge": For families caught in dangerous neighborhoods, there is one option (#277, 8/19/16)

"Better Late Than Never (Part II)": DOJ proposes rules for forensic testimony. Do they go far enough? (#276, 8/3/16)

"Good Guy/Bad Guy/Black Guy (Part II)" Aggressive crime-fighting strategies can exact an unintended toll (#275, 7/18/16)

"Good Guy/Bad Guy/Black Guy (Part I)" Do cops use race to decide who poses a threat? (#274, 7/18/16)

"Intended or not, a Very Rough Ride": A hung jury and two acquittals mar Baltimore's crusade against police violence (#273, 7/3/16)

"A Ban in Name Only": Pretending to regulate only makes things worse (#272, 6/21/16)

"Better Late Than Never (Part I)": A "hair-raising" forensic debacle forces DOJ's hand (#271, 6/10/16)

"Location, Location, Location": Crime happens. To find out why, look to where (#270, 5/25/16)

"Orange is the New Brown": L.A.'s past sheriff and undersheriff pack their bags for Hotel Fed. (#269, 5/7/16)

"Role Reversal": Chicago's falling apart. Who can make the violence stop? (#268, 4/25/16)

"Is a Case Ever too Cold?": Citing factual errors, an Illinois prosecutor successfully moves to free a convicted killer (#267, 4/16/16)

"After the Fact": Ordinary policing strategies can't prevent terrorism (#266, 3/31/16)

"More Rules, Less Force?": PERF promotes written guidelines to reduce the use of force. Cops aren't happy (#265, 3/18/16)

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