"Location, Location, Location": Crime happens. To find out why, look to where. (#270, 5/25/16)

"Orange is the New Brown": L.A.'s past sheriff and undersheriff pack their bags for Hotel Fed. (#269, 5/7/16)

"Role Reversal": Chicago's falling apart. Who can make the violence stop? (#268, 4/25/16)

"Is a Case Ever too Cold?": Citing factual errors, an Illinois prosecutor successfully moves to free a convicted killer (#267, 4/16/16)

"After the Fact": Ordinary policing strategies can't prevent terrorism (#266, 3/31/16)

"More Rules, Less Force?": PERF promotes written guidelines to reduce the use of force. Cops aren't happy (#265, 3/18/16)

"By Hook or by Crook (Part II)": Smart enforcement could "make communities safer" even if new laws are out of reach (#264, 3/4/16)

"A Dead Man's Tales": Apple extends posthumous protections to a dead terrorist's cell phone (#263, 2/21/16)

"Working Scared": Fearful, poorly supervised cops are tragedies waiting to happen (#262, 2/16/16)

"By Hook or by Crook (Part I)": In a last-ditch effort to stem gun volence, a frustrated Prez turns to executive action (#261, 2/7/16)

"Deescalation: Cure, Buzzword or a Bit of Both?": As bad shootings dominate the headlines, cops and politicians scramble for answers (#260, 1/13/16)

"State of the Art...Not!": Forensics, six years after the NAS report (#259, 12/21/15)

"Does Race Matter? (Part II)": The Philadelphia story, and its implications for urban policing (#258, 12/14/15)

"Does Race Matter ? (Part I)": Police killings of black persons roil the nation (#257, 12/2/15)

"Sometimes There is no Second Chance": Preventing horrific terrorist attacks may require new legal rules (#256, 11/23/15)

"More Criminals (on the Street), Less Crime?": Debating the virtues of a less punitive agenda (#255, 11/10/15)


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